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5 Things You Don't Know About Me

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It's been a while since I've been around these parts. We've had a busy few months and mostly just didn't make time for the blog. I thought a fun way to jump back in would be to let you in on 5 little secrets about myself.

p.s. - don't hold them against me

  1. I literally cannot finish one thing without getting off task. I know they have a name and medicine for this, but I kinda like the way I'm scattered around and choose to embrace it rather than fight it.
  2. I've become obsessed with iced lattes. Like it's a real addiction. I've had to limit myself to 1 per day. Maybe an extra "small one shot only" one if it's a weekend and we're out somewhere that has awesome espresso. See, what did I tell you... it's a problem.
  3. My food cravings are out of control. At any given time, I will want like 3 bites out of multiple foods. A recent example is an eggroll from Yaos, a bite of a chili cheese hotdog, some chips and queso, a buffalo wing, and a Caesar salad. #YOLO
  4. I am equally creative and business minded. While it should be an asset, I think of it as a flaw and am sometime embarrassed that I am not more creative or more business-y, depending on the situation I am in. I should really just get over it.
  5. I'm a clean freak. If my house is out of order it gives me anxiety. It has it's pros (my house is always clean!), but it also has it's cons. I can't really enjoy myself, because I'm constantly cleaning. Let's revisit this issue once I have children. HAHA!


Minted: New Designs

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Have you ever heard of Minted? It's a community of independent designers, and they have the cutest invitations and artwork. I definitely suggest checking them out if you haven't before.

 I submitted some Children's Birthday Party designs to a recent challenge and would love your vote! If I win my invitations will be featured on their website. Thanks for your support!

Vote here for the Twinkle Twinkle invitation

Vote here for the Twinkle Twinkle invitation

Vote here for the Hop on Over invitation

Vote here for the Hop on Over invitation

Vote here for the Splish Splash invitation

Vote here for the Splish Splash invitation

Vote here for the Flip Flop invitation

Vote here for the Flip Flop invitation

Curly Hair Don’t Care

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Sorry for being MIA for so long. I had the stomach flu. Mia had the stomach flu. Twice. The Houston Rodeo has been in town since March 1st, and we’ve been going a lot. Basically life happened. But I am back with a fun post that I get asked about all the time so enjoy!

My hair has always been wavy. Through the years, I’ve wished it was curlier, straighter, more blonde, the list could go on and on. I have tried more curly hair products than Carter’s got liver pills (<--- you probably have to be from the South to know what this means).

People often ask me if my hair is naturally curly and what I do to get it this way. The answer is always the same, yes it’s natural and it sorta just does its own thing, but I do use some products to help tame the mane.


Currently: Ouidad PlayCurl Curl Amplifying Shampoo and Ouidad Curl Quencher Conditioner

If you haven’t heard of Ouidad, they specialize in products for curly hair. I’ve only used one so far that I didn’t care for, and I think that’s only because I don’t like mousse.

Tried & True: Moroccan Oil products (this one and this one), BedHead Dumb Blonde Conditioner, Redkin All Soft line


Currently: Moroccan Oil is always first. Like even if I am going to bed with wet hair. Don’t skip this step. I rub this on Charlie’s hair when he’s having a bad hair day and it cheers him right up (along with a cheese cube or two). Followed by Ouidad PlayCurl Curl Amplifying Styling Spray and lastly Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream

I can’t even list all the curly hair products I have tried over the years. Hundreds probably. Some I like ok, some I hate. I feel like my hair is always changing, and it gets tired of the same product all the time so I am constantly on the hunt for the next best thing.


Once all products have been applied in the order above, I flip my head over and blow dry it with my beloved Babyliss dryer and diffuser. I take a small section at a time from the left side to the right. Once I feel like it is mostly dry, then I start back with the first section on the left and do it again. Once it is fully dry, I spray probably enough hairspray (this kind) to become flammable if I accidently got in the way of an open flame. After I spray, I wait 30-45 seconds for it to set and then I flip my head back up. This is the key, waiting until the hairspray sets!

the finished product

the finished product

The first time Aaron saw me dry my curly hair, he thought I was totally nuts and asked what the hell the diffuser was for. He still thinks I’m nuts, but I guess he’s just gotten used to it.

And if you think my method is long and crazy… just wait until you see Mia’s! Curly Hair Don't Care Part II coming soon.